Welcome to Centennial Education Center’s VBUS 450

The Fall 2014 Semester is:
August 27 –  Dec 18, 2014

Course Information

  • Course: VBUS 450 Section #92172
  • Class Time: Wednesday and Thursday 6:00pm-9:00pm in E-106
  • Office Hours: Thursdays: 5:30pm–6:00pm (by appointment)

This course provides basic instruction systems and networking.

After you complete this course, you may take the other necessary courses to earn a Maintenance and Repair Workers Certificate.

Maintenance and Repair Workers Certificate: This series of courses provides students with skills in maintenance, repair, upgrading, and networking of personal computers. The open-entry/open-exit instructional format emphasizes functional operations of hardware and software components, hands-on experience with upgrading and repair of computers, setting up home and small office networks, and troubleshooting most technical problems.

Classes required for the Maintenance and Repair Workers Certificate
  VBUS 450 Hardware and Software A+ Preparation, Review, Practice
  VBUS 574 Computer Basics: Hardware and Software
  VBUS 576 Computer Basics: Systems and Networking Essentials
Elective (See instructor for more information)
  VBUS 400 Employability Skills (Optional)

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